The word kabbalah literally comes from the Hebrew root word that means to receive. You will receive from meditation what you open up to within yourself. No one can do it for you. You can read about meditation, but unless you experience it directly for yourself, you will never know it. I can describe my experience of eating an orange, but my description will be inadequate.

You will know what it is only when you eat an orange yourself.


– “Everyday Kabbalah” by Melinda Ribner


Trees are wonderous things. When we think of trees we can see them, as tall wonderous lungs of the planet. A tree has several parts: the canopy and branches, the trunk and roots. This three fold division the sky, the land and below.

"Therefore I am called Hermes,


because I have three parts of the wisdom of the whole world."

In the Western mystery tradition it is very common to see Qabalah and the subsequent qabalistic tree. Hermetic Qabalah largely goes back to 15th Century Spain, give or take a decade. Hermetic Qabalah of course is a Syncretic fusion of several strains of the Western Mystery tradtions: The Axis Mundi, Greek, Pythagorean, Christian, Jewish and more besides.

Commonly we find Qabalah is associated with Hebrew. Although less well known are versions found with English, Greek or others.


"You can hardly pick up a book on Qabalah, magic, psychology or any other related topic for that matter, without encountering the regular use of the term ‘symbolism’. We see it all the time. How often do we stop to ask what it really means, however? At its most basic a ‘symbol’ is a sign or other ‘intermediate’ depiction that represents the reality, idea or concept behind it. It often does so in simplified form, though this is not invariably the case. Possibly the best known examples are traffic warning signs. These are designed to be as ‘universally understood’ as possible – just about everyone is familiar with these. They can mean the difference between life and death. Other symbols, although outwardly simple, such as the Christian cross, or the lunar symbolism associated with various goddesses, can carry a whole array of very deep and complex meanings with them. These are then ‘called forth’ as we survey and connect with the symbol. When working with symbols, the most important thing to remember is that the symbol is not the ‘end product’, but it is an intermediate means of contact and ‘translation’. It represents something, rather than being the ‘something’ in itself. We encounter symbolism constantly in daily life as well as when commencing ‘inner working’. Symbols can be extremely powerful. We have only to look at the violent reactions that burning a country’s flag can evoke, for example. This is, on the strictly material level a pointless and minimal act; setting a piece of patterned fabric on fire. The reactions that often result, however can be very real and very dangerous! This is a good example of the power of symbolism in action"

(Meditation, Magic & The tree of Life: Pages 10-11,

(c) 2017 AC Highfield).


Cutting through symbolism. We can begin by working with what is there. Symbols are wonderful things. Through symbols we may reach higher states, communion with inner contacts and far more. However to tune into the very world around you is always a good place to start. This takes the Western traditions to their core. To honor, Glory, Beauty, Judgement, Mercy etc. To heal that is the call to the aspirant on the path.

tree columns




If you can, find a tree in your garden.

Acknowledge its presence.

Meditate near or under it.

If you like you may leave a small bowl of water

or a small food item.

Always leave the area clean as you can.

tree door


Guided Meditation

Enter Silence

Acknowledge the 7 directions

(above, below, before, behind, right, left and within)

(or whatever opening ritual you prefer etc.)

come into meditation


Find yourself falling

Falling down deep through any floors that surround you

Deep down through the very earth and ground below you

You fall deeper and deeper


You find yourself in an open field

Before you is a large Stone.

The stone is a huge pointed stone jutting out of the ground

It is firmly within the ground but proudly sticks out

Two rivers flow from the stone

One is red. One is white.


There are two additional roads leading to the stone forming a crossroads.

Many beings are gathered here.

These are the faery races, cousins, co walkers, ex humans

Many orders of life gather and surround the stone


(commune with the stone and the beings there)


When you are ready you find your awareness drifting.

You slowly merge back with your every day world.

Know that you may return here at any time



(c) BB Baum 2017.





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