I am in everything, I bear the skies, I am the foundation, I support the earth, I am the Light that shines forth, that gives joy to the souls.

I am the life of the world: I am the milk that is in all trees: I am the sweet water that is beneath the sons of matter.

 –Manichaean Psalm Book

The source, therfore, of all is God; their essence, Aeon; their matter, Cosmos.

God's power is Aeon; Aeon's work is Cosmos - which never hath become, yet ever doth become by Aeon.

Therefore will Cosmos never be destroyed, for Aeon's indestructible; nor doth a whit of things in Cosmos perish, for Cosmos is enwrapped by Aeon round on every side.

Hermes: But God's Wisdom - what is that?

Mind: The Good and Beautiful, and Blessedness, and Virtue's all, and Aeon.

Aeon, then, ordereth [Cosmos], imparting deathlessness and lastingness to matter.



Let me be transformed into that body of light, radiating the psychic and physical vitality that arises from a willing conformity to the laws of creation, the compassion to love all that is produced by those laws, ands the wisdom to understand both the nature and the higher purpose governing the cosmic Law, that I may make my creative contribution to that higher purpose which will fill my own life with meaningfulness while transmuting it into an instrument of divine revelation.

–Leonora Leet (Renewing the covenant, Kabbalistic Guide to Jewish Spirituality)


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